Amararamam (Lord Shiva) at Amaravati

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Indra or Amarraja consecrated the Shivalingam here.

When the piece of Linga fell here, it began to grow immediately. To stop this, Indra nailed it on the top. Though the growth was stopped; it started bleeding.

These blood markings are now said to be revealed as stripes on the Linga.

The sanctum sanctorum has two layers. The puja is carried on the upper one. No one can see the lower layer as it is buried beneath.

The mighty Hindu temple got patronage from Satavahana kings, who made Amaravati (then known as Dharanikotta) as their capital for a while. The temple complex is built in three circles. The Linga is on the centre of these layers.

The shrine of Godess Parvati known as Balachamundeswari is held in high regard. Besides, there are many other deities worshiped around the temple complex. Notable among them is 108 Shivalingas around the temple complex.

The temple is on the banks of river Krishna. Amaravati is a well-known Budhist pilgrimage centre too.

It is 35 kilometers from Guntur, well-connected to other parts of Andhra Pradesh. Regular buses are there from Guntur. Nearest rail head is Guntur and the airport is at Vijayawada.

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