Ambaji (Goddess Durga) Temple

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A well-visited Hindu temple of India; famous all over the Western India, particularly in Gujarat. One of the Shaktipeethas, where the left breast of Goddess Sati is said to have fallen.

Legend says Rukmini prayed to this Goddess to get Lord Krsihna as her husband; the Ambaji worship is that older in existence!

There is no idol in the sanctum sanctorum. An image of Sri Yantra represents the Goddess Sati here. The skillful decoration of this Sri Yantra gives the devotee a feeling of seeing the idol of the Goddess. Though there are many worship services offered, the one in the noon considered auspicious.

The temple is on the Aravalli Ranges near Rajasthan-Gujarat border. The famous Hindu temple is supposed to be on the banks of river Saraswati – the holy, invisible Vedic river. The famous Koteshwar Mahadev temple is also nearby.

It is 183 kilometers from Ahmedabad – the nearest major city and the State capital.

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