Ananta Vasudeva (Lord Krishna) Temple, Bhubaneswar

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A well-known Vaishnavite temple of Bhubaneswar. The Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, along with Lord Balabhdra (his brother) and Subhadra (his sister) (just as is in Jagannath temple, Puri)

Here, Lord Krishna is depicted in the Chaturbahu form of Lord Vishnu; carrying his Mace, Chakra, Conch (Sankha) and Lotus flower on each of his four hands. Lord Balabhadra is depicted as standing beneath the seven- hooded serpent- Ananta.

Legend is, after killing a demon called Gayasur, Lord Vishnu placed four of his signs at four different places. Thus he placed his Chakra (disc) at this temple making this temple also known as Chakra Kshetra (he placed his Conch (Sankha) at Jagannath Temple, Puri making it the Sankha kshetra . Lord Vishnu placed his Gada (mace) at Jajapur temple making it Gada kshetra and finally his Padma (lotus) at konark temple there by making it the Padma Kshetra)

The present temple dates back to the 13th Century AD.

The temple is on the banks of Bindusara Lake, well- within the Bhubaneswar city limit.

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