Annapurna Temple, Varanasi (Kashi)

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A well-visited temple of Varanasi, next to Vishwanth temple in importance. One of the Shakthipeetha of Goddess Sathi too.

Legend is one day Goddess Parvathi- the most beautiful woman on earth
and the consort of Lord Shiva closed the eyes of her husband with her hands for fun. Lord Shiva- the protecter of the universe became blind for a while which created trouble all over. Goddess Parvati too received her share of trouble, her golden skin turned black. She felt so sad and requested Lord Shiva for help.

Lord Shiva advised Parvati to reach Kashi and start annadana (feeding to the needy) to get back her normal colur. Goddess Parvati did so and this is the origin of this temple.

The famous temple still feeds the devotees that visit this temple.

It may be noted, worshiping Goddess Parvati in the form of Annapurna- that is the Goddess of food is a rare occurrence. To my knowledge there are only four important temples dedicated to Goddess Annapurana all over India- the first and the most important being that in Varanasi, followed by famous Annapurna temple in Cherukunnu of the Kannur district of Kerala, Annapoorna Devi temple at Horanandu near Chikmangalur in Karnataka and Annapurna temple at Kannauj in Uttarpradesh.

This temple is very near to the famous Vishwanath temple of Kashi.

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