Azhagiya Manavala Perumal(Lord Vishnu) Temple, Uraiyur

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A Divya desam temple of Lord Vishnu. The temple is closely associated with Sri Ranganath Temple at Sri Rangam.

Legend is that Komalavalli, daughter of King Nanda Chola of Chola dynasty, fell in love with Lord Ranganath of Sri Rangam. She did severe penance to get him as her husband. Pleased with the devotion and love towards him Lord Ranganath appeared to Komalavalli and married her. Nanda Chola built this temple to commemorate the marriage of his daughter with Lord Ranganath.

Every year, during Painguni festsival, Lord Ranganath visits this temple in ceremonial procession, crossing Kaveri River. A great Kalyana Mahotsav follows at this temple.

Urayur is the first capital of Cholas and also the birth place of Sri Tiruppana Azhwar, one of the 12 Alwars.

It is four kilometers from Tiruchirapalli. Many buses are there from Tiruchirapalli and Sri Rangam.

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