Banashankari (Goddess Durga) Temple, Badami

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A popular abode of Goddess Parvati in Karnataka, near the Karnataka-Maharashtra border.

The history of the temple dates back to the Seventh century AD, during the early Chalukya period. Many believe the worship existed even before that.

The legend is that Goddess Parvati came to this place to kill the demon Durgamasura, as Banashankari. The Goddess is also known by the name Vanashankari. The idol of Goddess Banashankari in Blackstone depicts her as crushing a demon under her feet.

This Goddess was the family deity of Chalukya kings. The present structure of the temple is the contribution of Sri Parushuram Agale, a Maratha Chieftain. He refurbished the temple in 1750 AD.

The famous Banashankari Jatre (Jatre means Fair), held in January-February attracts many devotees from all around Karnataka and the neighboring Maharashtra to this temple. This fair is part of the Rath Yatra festival of the temple. During the fair, there will be a splendid display of village crafts and hand looms. A well-known vegetable fair also adds to the diversity of this fair.

The temple is in a village called Cholachagudd, about six kilometers from Badami.

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