Bhavani (Goddess Durga)Temple, Tuljapur

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One of the four principal Shakthi peethas of Maharashtra( the other three being Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur, Mahamaya Renuka at Mahur and Jagadamba at Saptshrungi).

Bhavani means “giver of life” that is the power of nature or the source of creative energy.

As per legend, a demon called Mathangi played havoc on Devas and saints. Devas prayed Lord Brahma to find a solution. Lord Brahma entrusted the task to Bhavani- the ferocious form of Goddess Parvati. Goddess Bhavani killed the demon at Tulajapur and took permanent abode there.

The Goddess Bhavani at Tuljapur was the favorite deity of Maratha leader Shivaji. It is believed, he got a sword from the Goddess, which protected him all along his dare devil attacks on the Mughal empire.

The important festivals are Gudi Padva in the month of Chaitra, Lalitha Panchami and Navaratri in October-November.

The Osmanabad town is 20 kilometers away and Sholapur is at 40 kilometers.

The nearest rail head is Solapur and the airport is at Aurangabad, about 240 kilometers by the shortest route.

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