Bhutanatha (Lord Shiva) Temple, Badami

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A well-known Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the erstwhile capital of the Chalukya Kings. The Chalukya’s ruled the region from six to ninth centuries AD.

More than the temple, the serene atmosphere that surrounds it is noteworthy. The temple , surrounded by rocky hills, is on the banks of an artificial lake known as Agasthya Thirtha. The natural springs from the rocks fill this tank there by making it an eye-catching fresh-water tank.

Nearby is the noteworthy Mallikarjuna temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Around the Bhuthanatha temple, there are four cave temples that attract many Hindu and Jain temple lovers from around the world. Out of the four, three are devoted to Hindu Gods and one to Jainism. Thus, cave number one is dedicated to Lord Shiva, caves two and three to Lord Vishnu and the fourth one depicts Jain Thirthankaras. Out of the four, cave number three is the best and the biggest. It has the life size images of ParaVasudeva, Bhuvaraha, Harihara and Narasimha ((forms of Lord Vishnu) embedded on it.

The entire area of historical Badami is now manned by Archaeological Survey of India.

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