Birla Temples

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These are a group of temples built by Birla family (one of the oldest business house in India) across India; commonly known as Birla temples.

The first and the most famous among them is Sri Lakshmi Narayan temple of Delhi, which was inaugurated in 1939 by none other than Mahatma Gandhi- the father of the nation. At the time of its inauguration, he insisted that the temple should be open to all; irrespective of caste and creed. The Birlas kept their promise and their temples are open to all, across India.

Birla temples are known for its majestic architecture. All of them are built either in marble or in sandstone.

The temples are dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religion. Thus Birla temple in Delhi is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narayan; the temple in Hyderabad is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and so on.

After Lakshmi Narayan of Delhi, Lord Venkateswara temple in Hyderabad attracts most devotees. This majestic temple in the middle of Hyderabad city and is a must visit when one is in Hyderabad.

Presently, there are 13 Birla temples across India. For the Birlas, making temples is a continuous process as they think stopping it shall bring bad things to the family.


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