Brahmapureswarar or Thoniyappan (Lord Shiva) Temple, Sirkazhi

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A massive Hindu temple by size. The present structure goes back to Chola period. The sanctum sanctorum is three layered; unique construction in that way.

Legend tells us that Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva of this temple; hence the name Brahmapureswarar. At the time of Pralay (final destruction of the universe by flood) Lord Shiva of this temple is believed to carry the 64 arts with him in a raft (Thoni in Tamil); hence the name Thoniyappan.

The temple worships Lord Shiva in three forms; Brahmapureswarar, Uma Maheswar (Thoniappan) and Bhairawar (Sattanathar.) Brahmapureswarar shrine is on the first layer and the other two in second layer.

The temple is closely associated with Tirugnana Sambander-the famous Saivaite Saint.

Sirkazhi is a small town near Chidambaram, which is 20 kilometers away. It is also near to many important temples like Vitheswaran Koil (six kilometers), Saniswar temple at Thirunellar (30 kilometers) and also about 12 Divyadesam Shrines of Lord Vishnu around it.

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