Thiruvengadu : Budhan Temple ( Mercury)

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Lord Budha is the son of Chandra. In Hindu astrology he is a beneficial graha. But if he joins a malefic graha he also becomes malefic. Lord Mahavishnu rules this graha.

He represents communication skills: trade and commerce (business): education: research: intelligence: wisdom and other intellectual qualities.

The presiding deity of the Thiruvangadu temple is Lord Shiva along with his wife Goddess Parvati.
But, apart from the main Shiva shrine, there is another shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja; here he is known as Aghoramurthi-Shiva’s fiery form.
This shrine is also known as ’’AadiChidambaram’’ and is held in high reverence.

The Surya theertham and Soma theertham in the temple complex is considered holy.

The present temple structure owes much to the Great Chola emperor, Raja RajaChola (985-1014 AD).

The temple is near Mayilaaduturai.

Another Navagraha temple-SuryanarKoil is 10 Kilometers away.

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