Thingalur Temple : Chandra Temple ( Moon)

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There is an interesting legend behind the temple dedicated to Lord Chandra- the Moon. Lord Chandra married twenty seven daughters of DakshaPrajapati; but loved only one- Rohini. Daksha tried to correct Chandra, but he refused to change. So, Daksha cursed Chandra to fade into nothingness in every month.

Disappointed, on advice from Lord Brahma, he prayed to Lord Shiva at Thingalur. The Lord Shiva modified the curse of Daksha; he asked Chandra to take abode at Thingalur to bless the humanity.

According to Hindu mythology, Chandra came out of the Palazhi (the milky ocean), when it was churned to get Amrith or the Nectar. He is identified with the Vedic god Soma.

In Hindu astrology, Chandra represents Mother, softness, sensitivity, emotions and imagination. He removes stress and sorrow and rules the mind.

He rules over the zodiac sign Cancer. Favorite metal is silver. Pearl is the gem stone.
His element is water.

The small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is near Kumbakonam. In Tamil, Thingal means Moon, thus the place became Thingalur.
The puja performed in full Moon days and every Monday is attended by many; it is considered holy.

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