Chattarpur Mandir, New Delhi

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Inaugurated in 1974. This is the second largest Hindu temple complex in India at present.

When it began in 1974, this was the largest in India, but after Akshardham temple at Delhi came in 2005 it became the second.

The temple, lavish on beautiful architecture and serenity, is spread in about 60 acres of land.

A noble soul , Sri. Baba Sang Nagpal Ji, took the initiative of building this massive temple, dedicated to Goddess Kartyani- a form of Goddess Durga. The temple has a principal shrine to her, which is, however, opened to devotees only during the navaratri festival and also on selected days of each month.

But, a shrine dedicated to Goddess Durga, adjacent to the main shrine, is open all days where daily rituals take place.

Beside these main shrines, the temple complex has about 20 shrines to many other Hindu Gods which include Lord Shiva and Lord Sri Ram.

The famous temple attracts devotees through out the day and more so at Navaratri days.

Temple is near to (about four kilometers)famous Qutub Minar of Delhi and is accessible both by road and metro network from all parts of Delhi.

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