Prasanna Chenna Kesava (Lord Krishna) Temple, Somnathpur

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An immortal contribution of the Holysala rulers to the Hindu temple architecture.

The temple is built by Sri. Somnath, the Commander of the Hoysala ruler Narasimha (1254-91 AD).

The striking feature of this temple is its architecture.

The temple stands on a star-shaped, raised platform. There are many imposing statues of elephants all around this platform as if they are lifting the platform from the earth level.

On the raised platform there are three separate shrines dedicated to Lord Janardhana, Lord Bala Gopala and Lord Kesava (all forms of Lord Vishnu) respectively. Out of this, sadly, the idol of Lord Kesava is missing now.

The splendid sculptural works all around the three shrines are breathe-taking. It shows the craftsmanship of the Sthapathi’s of that time.

According to the experts, this temple marks the culmination of Hoysala architecture.

A must visit to the Hindu temple lovers!

The temple is about 38 kilometers from Mysore.

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