Dakshinarka Sun Temple, Gaya

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Gaya of Bihar is well- known for Sri Vishnupad temple where thousand come to pay homage to their ancestors. But it is home to a famous Sun temple too.

The Dakshinarka Sun temple is close to Vishnupad temple. The east facing temple is dedicated to Sun God. Here also devotees throng to do pinda dan to thier ancestors at two sacred kund (water pond) ; Surya kund and Dakshin Manas Thirth Kund.

No one is sure about the origin of this temple. The present structure dates back to 13nth century. However, worship can be trace back to Magadhan period. According to historians, due to their close intimacy with Central Asian culture who are known Sun worshipers, the Magadhan rulers were also became Sun worshipers and this explains the origin of this temple.

Gaya is about 100 kilometers from Patna, the state capital.

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