Vajreshwari or Bajreshwari (Goddess Durga) Temple, Kangra

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A famous Hindu temple of India; dedicated to Goddess Durga. One of the Shaktipeetha temples; left breast of Goddess Sati fell here.
According to the legend, when a demon called Kalikala threatened the vedic rituals, sages performed a special yagna. Sage Vasishta, head of the sages, refused to offer sacrificial ghee to Lord Indra. Enraged, Indra destroyed the Yagna by using his Vajrayudh.
The Sages prayed to Goddess Durga to save the Yagna. The Goddess appeared and swallowed the Vajrayudha. Thus, she came to be known as Vajreshwari.
The temple, once the richest in North India, is the victim of many Muslim invasions. The present structure dates back to 1920.
The temple is at Nagarkot near Kangra town in Himachal Pradesh.

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