Dwarakadheeash Temple, Dwaraka

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One of the four principal pilgrimage places of a devote Hindu ( other three being Jagannath Temple of Puri in East, Ramalingeswar temple Rameswar in South and Badrinath Temple in North India- together known as Chardham)

According to Bhagavath Purana Dwaraka was the capital of Lord Krishna after he and his creed shifted their residence from Mathura in Uttarpradesh. It is believed , Lord Krishna spent two third of his life time at Dwaraka as a King with his family.

At that time Dwaraka was a magnificent capital city known as Swarna Nagari- that is Golden city. According to Bhagavath, following a curse from Princess Gandhari of Mahabharath, city of Dwaraka along with its inhabitants was swallowed by the sea.

Legend is that later, Sri Vajranabha, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, built a temple to Lord Krishna (known as Dwarakadheesh) at the spot where Lord Krishna’s residence believed to have stood. There after, over a period of time, many changes had taken place and the present temple dates back to 16nth century AD. It is built in typical Chalukya style.

The temple is at the confluence of river Gomati with the sea and it faces East. The main entrance to the temple however is on the North side known as Moksha Dwar (that is door of Salvation) and another gate is there leading to river Gomati known as Swarga Dwar (that is door of heaven).

The sanctum is known as Nija mandir which houses the divine idol of Dwarakadheesh which gives peace and tranquility to millions of his devotees World over.

There are many other shrines to various Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religion around the main temple. Shrine to Devi Devaki (mother of Lord Krishna) in front of the temple and of Kusheshwar Mahadev (Lord Shiva) near to Mokashdwar requires special mentioning.

This ancient Hindu temple is also closely related to Sri Sankaracharya- the great Hindu saint and reformer of 8 th century AD. He established one of his four mathas at Dwaraka to spread his Adwaita pirinciples. This matha is very close to the temple on the Swarga dwar side. He also popularised the concept of Chardham, which requires a devote Hindu to visit four temples on the four corners of India at least once in his life time.

Present Dwaraka is a bustling town connected to other parts of Gujarat by road and rail.

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