Eklingji (Lord Shiva) Temple, Kailashpuri

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Dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as Parahbrahma Murthy, meaning the ultimate realty, the supreme power and the wholesome one – a rare depiction of Lord Shiva.

The deity here is said to be four faced representing Bhrama facing west, Vishnu facing North, Maheshwar facing South and Surya (Sun) facing the east.

The Eklingji is the guardian diety of Mewar. The rulers of Mewar considered themselves as Diwan or Prime Minister of Eknathji. Even now the designated Maharana of Mewar royal family visits the temple on every Monday evening.

According to the legend, Bappa Rawal- the founder of Mewar regime, had seen the Shiva Lingam in his dream when he was in trouble. When the problems were solved, he approached a sage called Harita Rishi. The Sage advised to build a temple as gratitude.

The present structure dates back to the 15nth century, though the original one is much earlier.

The temple is about 20 kilometers from Udaipur, easily accessible by road.

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