Sree Girijatmaj Ganesh at Lenyadri

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The temple is on a hill amidst a complex of thirty Budhist caves; a unique Hindu temple in this way!!

The Lord Ganesh shrine is on the eighth cave. Presently, the temple is under the control of archaeological department of Maharashtra state.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati created Lord Ganesh as a grown-up boy out of the sweat from her body. But, after seeing the child hood plays of Lord Ganesh, a curious wish came to her mind. Now she wants to see Lord Ganesh as an infant boy.

To fulfill the wish she went into meditation at Lenyadri. To please her, Lord Ganesh took re-birth as an infant boy; lived here with Parvathi for 12 years.

The Ashtavinayak Hindu temple is about 100 from Pune via Junnar.

There are regular buses from Pune to Junnar. Lenyadri is only five kilometers from Junnar.

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