Goddess Parvati

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Goddess Parvati is the daughter of Himalaya and wife of Lord Shiva.

There is legend over the birth of Goddess Parvati. A demon called Tharakasura is disturbing devaloka in many ways. He made life intolerable. So devas approached Lord Brahma to find a solution. Lord Brahma told them only a boy of seven days can kill Tharakasura. He told them only son of Lord Shiva can do this wonderful deed.

At that time Lord Shiva was wandering as an ascetic, following the death of devi Sathi at Dakshyaga. So devas requested lord Brahma to give devi Sathi a second birth. Lord Brahma agreed and devi Sathi took re-birth as Parvati as the daughter of Himavan. Soon after she attained puberty, Parvati began to take severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Finally, Lord Shiva appeared before Parvati and married her. Lord Ganesh and Lord Subramanya are their sons.

Worship of Goddess Parvati is wide spread throughout Indian sub-continent. She is worshiped in many names as Parvati, Kali or Durga, Gauri, uma, Sankari, Karthyani etc… Durga or Kali worship is popular in Eastern and Northern India and Parvati worship is popular in Kerala and adjacent areas.

Durga pooja or Navaratri is the most popular festival associated with Goddes Parvati usually held in October/November.

Famous Goddess Parvati temples of India

51 Shakthipeetha Temples
Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati
Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
Ambaji Temple, Gujarat

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