Alangudi : Guru Temple (Jupiter)

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This is a beneficial Graha. He is the Guru of Devas, also known as Brihaspathi.

The associated element with this graha is Ether or Space which indicates vastness, growth and expansion.

He is a teacher and dispenser of knowledge. Favorite color is yellow; gemstone is yellow topaz or yellow Sapphire.

He represents balance of past Karma: religion: philosophy: good luck: optimism: success and generosity. If in a favorable position he uplifts a person to popularity.

But, Jupiter can also be too much of a good thing. Diabetics is said to be directly related to this graha. It’s over influence can make a person, extravagant, lazy, luxury loving and blindly optimistic.

If things fall into a person’s lap too easily, he never develops the strength of character or wisdom. Thus, this graha is the planet of blessings- blessings that we must learn to use wisely.

The principal deity of the temple is Lord Shiva known as Dakshinamurthy.

The temple is 17 kilometers from Kumbakonam.

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