Hatakeswaram (Lord Shiva) Temple, Sri Sailam

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A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as Hatakeswara.

Hataka in local language means Gold. It is believed, originally, the Shiva Linga of this temple was made of Gold. So the Lord came to be known as Hatakeswara.

The temple is only five kilometers from the famous Mallikarjuna temple at Sri Sailam. This temple, along with Patal Dhara-Panch Dhara and Sree Sakti Ganesh temples, forms an important spot of the Sri Sailam pilgrimage circuit.

Pathal Dhara- Pancha Dhara is the place Sri. Sankaracharya meditated and wrote his famous poem Soundarya Lahiri.

This temple is five kilometers from Sri Sailam.

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