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A 2000 years old temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Legend is that Devas of Devaloka prayed to Lord Vishnu here to get relief from a curse of Lord Brahma. The story goes like this. Once Lord Vishnu got attracted by the music from sage Narada’s Veena. Chasing Narada, he in hidden form, reached the Satyaloka, the abode of Lord Brahma. On seeing Lord Vishnu (although in hidden form, Lord Brahma can see Lord Vishnu, he being one of the trinity of Hinduism) Lord Brahma prostrated before Lord Vishnu.

On seeing this, other devas thought that Brahma was prostrating (as they cannot see the presence of Lord Vishnu in hidden form) before sage Narada (Lord Brahma’s son). So, they laughed at him. This enraged Lord brahma. He cursed devas to be born as humans on earth. Devas realized their mistake. Pleaded to Lord Brahma to forgive their mistake. Lord Brahma asked Devas to follow sage Narada and pray the Lord Vishnu at the place where the Angavastra of Sage Narada falls. Devas did the same. The Angavastra of sage Narada said to have fallen at the present day Varkala.

The temple marks the spot where Devas prayed to Lord Vishnu on earth.

The temple is on a sea-shore known as Papanasam beach. The Aarattu festival in Malayalam month of Meena (March-April) is the most important one.

The temple is about 25 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram, the State capital. It is well-connected by rail and road to other parts of Kerala.

The famous Sivagiri Ashram, the Samadhi of Sree Narayana Guru- the Hindu reformer, is also nearby.

Varkala is the nearest rail-head.

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