Kali Bari Temple, New Delhi

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Famous abode of Goddess Kali in the capital city of India.

The temple was built in 1935, on one acre of land by the British Government.

Story is that, when British rulers changed their capital to New Delhi from Kolkotta, a large number of Bengali people came to New Delhi and settled here. Soon, they felt the need for a spacious place to worship Goddess Kali- their principal Goddess and also to conduct Kali Puja- the world-famous festival of Goddess Kali.

More than just a temple, this is also the focal point of Bengali culture in New Delhi.

The Kali puja of this temple attracts many people and is one of the oldest Kali Pujas in the capital city New Delhi.

Temple is at the Mandir Marg, near to Connaught Place. R K Ashram Marg is the nearest Metro railway station.

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