Kalighat Kali (Durga) Temple, Kolkata

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One of the 51 Shakti Peetha temples, where the right toe of the Goddess Sati is said to have fallen.

Few believe a devotee had seen a light radiating from the river bed. When digged at the place, he got the skeleton remains of Devi’s toe from there.

The present temple is only 200 years old. At present the temple is on a narrow canal called Adi-Ganga. In the past, river Hooghly was said to have passed in front of the temple. During the course of time it changed its course and became a narrow stream as seen today. So it came to be known as Adi-Ganga.

There is a Shiva temple called Nakuleswar Mahadev opposite to this temple. Visit to the Kali temple is only complete when one has Darshan at Shiva temple too.

The river bed, where Sati’s Skelton found, now is the temple tank called Kalikunda or Kaku Kunda. The tank is famous for its power to bestow the boon of a child.

There is also a Radha-Krishna temple which is a much later addition within the temple complex.

The temple is accessible from all parts of the Kolkotta city by road or rail.

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