Kalpeshwar Temple

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One of the five Panch Kedar temples of Gharwal region of Uttarakhand.

As per legend, Lord Shiva’s Jata (tress) appeared at this place when he hid himself from Pandava brothers. So, Lord Shiva is also known as jatadhar at this temple.

It is beleived , Sage Durvasa prayed to this Lord and did penance at this place. Another legend is sage Arghya created Urvasi- the heavenly dancer at this place.

This is the only Panch Kedar accessible throughout the year. It is situated on the Urgam valley of Kedar Himalayas. About two kilometers from Urgam village. Now, one can reach upto two kilometers from the Urgam village by a motorable road. A two kilometers trkking is required there after.

Urgam is about 255 kilometers from Rishikesh,via Lehang.


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