Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada

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A famous Hindu temple in the region, dedicated to Goddess Durga .

The legend is that a demon called Mahishasura used to trouble the people around the region incessantly. To get rid of this menace, a sage called Indrakeela did penance to please Goddess Durga. When the Goddess Durga appeared to him, the sage requested to kill the demon. The Goddess Durga heeded to the request and killed the demon.

There after, on request from the sage, Goddess Durga agreed to take permanent abode at this place. Meanwhile, Sage Indrakeela became a hill and the Goddess Durga took abode at this hill as Kanaka Durga. The hill is now known as Indrakeela hill.

The temple is also said to have associated with Arjuna of Mahabharata. It is believed, he did penance to please Lord Shiva to get the mighty arrow Pasupathastra at this place.

The four foot high, standing idol of Goddess Durga depicts her as crushing the demon Mahishasura on her feet.

The Dasera and Shivaratri are the important festivals.

Sri Sankaracharya is believed to have visited this temple. He installed a Srichakra inside the Sanctorum to make the devi a Santhamoorthi.

The temple is at the heart of Vijayawada city.

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