kesav Deo (Lord Krishna) Temple, Mathura

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Mathura- the birth place of Lord Krishna is one of the holiest places for the Hindus.

Lord Krishna spent his childhood and youth in and around Mathura. The geographical space associated with Krishna’s life around Mathura is commonly known as Bhraj Bhoomi. River Yamuna flanks the entire Bhraj Bhoomi, keeping alive the rich memories of Lord Krishna and his life.

There are many places here which are closely associated with Krishna’s life like Mathura, Vrindavan, Govardhan and Gokul etc… These places are at a radius of 60 kilometers from Mathura. Mathura being its focal point.

The Kesav Deo temple at Mathura is believed to mark the spot where Sri Krishna was born. This temple has an interesting history which has seen many destructions and constructions.

The original temple was built by Vajranabha-the great grandson of Krishna in the historical past. Then, during the Gupta period around 400AD, Emperor Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya built a splendid temple there. In 1017 AD the Muslim invader Mahmud of Ghazni destroyed this temple.

Another temple was raised on the old temple around 1150 AD, only to be destructed by another Muslim invader Sikander Lodhi in 16nth century. During the reign of Jahangir-the Mughal Emperor- Raja Veer Singh Bhundela of Orchha constructed a new temple on the spot. Finally in 1669, Aurangazeb- the Mughal emperor put that temple to dust and built Katri Masjid on that spot. He even used the material of the temple to construct it. At present, one can see this Mosque adjacent to the temple. The present temple dates back to 1965.

There is a small room near to Kesav Deo temple which is believed to mark the prison cell where Lord Krishna was born.

The temple is on the banks of river Yamuna. There are about 25 Ghats on river Yamuna at Mathura. Among them the Vishram Ghat, where Lord Krishna said to have taken rest after killing his uncle Kamsa, is very important.

Gita Mandir, which has full text of Bhagavath Gita inscribed on its wall, and Dwarakadhish temple built in 1815 are a must visit to complete the Mathura darshan.

Mathura is about 140 kilometers from Delhi and 60kilometers from Agra. It is a major railway junction and is well-connected by road too.

Nearest airport is at Agra.

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