Kumararamam at Samalkot

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The temple is consecrated by Lord Subramanya. He felt guilty about cutting the Shiva Linga on Tarakasura’s throat in to five pieces although it was essential to kill the demon. So came here, consecrated the temple and started worshipping Lord Shiva .

As in Draksharamam, the Linga is tall. The sanctum sanctorum has two floors. The worship takes place on the first floor. The idol of Goddess Parvati here is known as BalaTripurasundari.

The majestic temple is now under the control of archeological department of Andhra Pradesh. The temple got much patronage from the Chalukya kings.

It is situated very near to the Samalkot railway station. Samalkot is an important railway junction on Chennai-Kolkata main route.

By road, Samalkot is 16 kilometers from Kakinada.

Draksharamam, another Pancharamam temple, is about 40 kilometers from here.

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