Lingeswarar (Lord Shiva) Temple, Avinashi

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A famous Lord Shiva temple in the region. It is originally built by Pallavas. The temple is closely associated with Sri. Sundaramurthy Nayanar- a well known Saivaite saint.

The legend is that one day when he visited this temple, he happened to walk through a street of Avinashi. He had seen celebration at one family and the scene of sorrow from another family in the same street. When the Saint enquired, sorrow came from a family, where an eight year old boy was swallowed by a crocodile while he was bathing in nearby Nalla river. The reason for celebration of another family is that an eight year old boy of that family is celebrating his Upanayanam ceremony.

The saint was moved by the contrast of life. He prayed to Lord Shiva of this temple to find a solution to the grieving family. Answering to his prayers, a crocodile suddenly emerged on the river bank and ejected the child from its mouth. The saint brought back the boy to his grieving family.

The word Avinashi literally means “one which has no destruction”. It is about 40 kilometers from Coimbatore.

Tirupur, the well-known hub of garment industry, is only ten kilometers away.

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