Lord Brahma

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One of the three principal gods in Hinduism. Hindu mythology says he is the God of creation.

Legend is that Lord Brahma took birth from the navel of Lord Vishnu.

Even though a principal God he is very rarely worshiped in temples. There is a legend behind it. One day there aroused a dispute between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma over who is supreme among them. When the dispute got heated, a Shiva Linga suddenly appeared before them. A heavenly voice declared that whoever finds the edge of any of the sides first becomes supreme.

Thus Lord Vishnu began to travel beneath the Shiva Linga for many many years to find its bottom edge but failed. Finally, he came back and pleaded hi inability to Lord Shiva.

Meanwhile, Lord Brahma, who travelled upward, had the same experience. Instead, he saw a rose petal coming down. When asked the petal replied he fell atop the Shiva Linga and is falling down for many years. This made Lord Brahma panic as he still needs to fly many thousand years to reach the top.
Lord Brahma befriended that petal and returned to Lord Vishnu. Sighting the evidence of that rose petal Lord Brahma took a false oath he saw the upper edge of the Shivalinga and as such he became supreme. Lord Vishnu refused to believe this oath and requested Lord Shiva to show the truth.

Lord Shiva appeared before them. He revealed what was happened and cursed Lord Brahma that no one shall worship him anymore for taking false oath and cut-off one of his four heads out of anger.

Famous Lord Brahma temples of India
Pushkar Temple


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