Lord Ganesh

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A Hindu devotee usually remembers lord Ganesh many times a day- depending on the number of difficulties that she/he faces!

He is the lord of well-being and the destructor of obstacles. Legend is one day, Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva took the form of elephants. They wandered around the forest and Lord Ganesh is born out of this relationship.

Lord Ganesh worship is deep rooted in a Hindu’s life. Almost all Hindu rituals begin with prayers to him. Ganesh chaturthi or Ganesh utsav is the most important festival associated with him.

Lord Ganesh worship is much popular in Maharashtra. The famous Ashtavinayak temples- the cluster of eight Lord Ganesh temples- spread around Poona is well visited by the devotees throughout the year.

Famous Lord Ganesh temples of India
Ashtavinayak Temples
Uchipillayar Temple, Tiruchirapally
Ganapati Temple, Kottarakkara


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