Mahakuteswara (Lord Shiva) Temple, Badami

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A celebrated temple of the Chalukya rulers of 7th century AD, dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as Mahakuteshwara.

Legend is that Sage Agasthya did penance here and he consecrated this temple. It is believed he worshipped the famous idol of Vatapi Ganapathi, which was later shifted to Tamil Nadu during a Pallava expedition to Badami.

Actually, Mahakoota temple is part of a temple complex which has about ten temples in its fold. Another important temple in the complex is Mallikarjuna temple. The temple complex is set amidst lush greenery; one feels like standing in a dense forest. This greenery provides serene atmosphere to the temple complex.

Another notable feature of the temple complex is the two temple tanks known as Vishnu Pushkarani and Papavinasha Tirtha. The crystal clear cool water of these tanks is a feast to the eyes. It is said, a natural underground mountain spring supplies fresh water to these tanks, said to be made by sage Agasthya.

Architecturally, the temple complex marks the Vesara style of Hindu temple architecture. This style is typical to the Chalukya dynasty and the Mahakoot temple is the specimen to define it. For the uninitiated, Vesara style is the fusion of Nagara style Hindu temple architecture of North India and the Dravidian style of Hindu temple architecture of South India.

Mahakoot is about 14 kilometers from Badami.

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