Malleshwara (Lord Shiva) Temple, Vijayawada

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Another Hindu temple on the heart of Vijayawada.

It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, variously known as Malleshwara, Mallikarjuna or Jayasena.

The legend is associated with the Kirata story of Mahabharata. According to it, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared before Arjuna, in disguise as Kiratha (hunter) to test his devotion and will power.

A tussle followed between Kairatha and Arjuna. After a great fight, Arjuna realized that Kiratha is Lord Shiva himself. So, he prayed to Lord Shiva to condone his mistake.

Pleased by the devotion of Arjuna, LordShiva blessed him with a powerful arrow called ‘’Pasupathastra’’.

The legend holds that this incident took place at this temple. Arjuna consecrated this temple as a thanks giving.

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