Manjunatha (Lord Shiva) Temple, Dharmasthala

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A famous Hindu temple of South Karnataka. More than the temple, the charity work done by the temple trust is famous all around.

There is an interesting legend on the origin of the temple. About 800 years ago there lived a pious man called Sri Birmanna Pergade and his wife Ammu Ballathi at the present day Dharmasthala in a house called Nelladi house. The couple is known for their charity and other noble deeds.

One day, Sri Birmanna Pergade has a peculiar dream on his sleep. Four Dharma Daivas (Guardian spirits of Dharma) appeared to him. They asked Birmanna to vacate the Nelladi house and build a temple for Lord Shiva at the spot. They also directed him to start charitable works, so that the Dharma shall be preserved on earth forever.

Without hesitation, Sri. Birmanna Pergade obeyed the direction of Dharma daivas. He built a new house to him; converted the Nelladi house as a temple to Lord Shiva.

The temple also has shrines for four Dharma Devas; Kalarahu, Kalarkayi, Kumara Swamy andKanyakumari.

In due course, the temple and its charity became famous all around. Presently, this temple attracts many devotees throughout the year.

The eldest member of the Pergade family is known as Heggade. He supervises the day to day activities of the temple and gives leadership to the Charitable activities of the temple.

The mass wedding festival, origanised by this temple, is famous all over Karnataka. The marriage rites are performed for hundreds of couples; all the expenses are met by the temple. Besides, the temple has an Annadana scheme, which feeds many pilgrims that visit the temple daily.

The famous Jain statue of Gomateswara is nearby. The Mahamastakabhisheka, performed once in 12 years, is an important event here. Interestingly, Pergade’s are Jains by religion.

Dharmastala is about 75 Kilometers from Mangalore.

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