Marudamalai Muruga Temple, Coimbatore

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A well-known abode of Lord Muruga in Tamilnadu. Said to be next to aarupadai veedu shrines in importance. The temple is atop a hill called Maruda Malai, named after Maruda trees which used to grow in abundance.

Five feet high Muruga idol resembles the idol at Palani in shape.
The present temple dates back to 1200 AD. Thaipooyam car festival is the important festival.

There are many important shrines along the way as we climb the hill. Out of this, Thanthonri Vinayakar (Self- born Ganesh) and Ayyappa shrines are important. The Ayyappa shrine has 18 steps (as is in Sabarimala). Those who could not make it to Sabarimala used to climb Pathinettam Padi here. The Pambatti Sidhar cave – once home to a mystique Sidha, who played with snake and lived as a friend of Muruga is also important. The belief is that a snake arrives here to drink milk daily.

Marudumalai is 15 kilometers from Coimbatore.

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