Mookambika Temple, Kudachadri

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A popular abode of Goddess Parvati in South India.

Legend is associated with a demon called Mookasura. It is believed, once upon a time there lived a demon called Kaumasura. He did untold miseries to the people around the region. The demon got a boon from Lord Brahma that he be killed only by a woman.

Thereafter, he began a severe penance to get a boon from Lord Shiva to make him unbeatable. Sensing the danger, Devas pleaded help of Goddess Parvati. She appeared before the demon and made him dumb so that he could not speak once Lord Shiva appeared before him. When Lord Shiva appeared before the demon he could not speak and ask for the boon. So, Goddess Parvati killed him immediately.

The temple has close connection to Sri Snakaracharya- the great Hindu Saint and reformer. Legend is that it is he who consecrated the idol of Goddess Parvati here. The story goes like this. Originally, the abode of the Goddess is on the Kudachadri hills. Sri Sankara invited the Goddess to reside at his native place Kerala. Devi agreed and accompanied Sri Sankara by foot to Kerala.

Before starting, Devi put a condition that he should not look back till they reach their destination in Kerala. Sankara agreed and started the journey. Till they reached the present spot Shankara could here the sound of Devi’s anklets. But reaching this spot Devi deliberately made a pause to test Shankara’s attention. He forgot the condition for a while and looked back. As Shankara looked back Devi decided to stay at that spot; that is the present spot where the temple now stands.

The Devi idol is behind the Swayabhu Shivalinga idol at the sanctum sanctorum.

Temple is popular through out South and India and more so in Kerala.

It is about 140 kilometers from Mangalore and 50 kilometers from Udupi.

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