Dandayudhapani (Lord Muruga) at Palani

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A well-known Hindu temple in South India; a famous abode of Lord Muruga in Tamilnadu.

The legend is that Goddess Parvati got a special fruit from the cosmic sage Narada. She announced a small contest among her two sons Lord Ganesh and Muruga; whoever circumvents the universe first shall get the fruit.

Taking the contest literally, little Muruga started circumventing the earth mounted on his peacock. But clever Lord Ganesh, taking the philosophical meaning, made a quick Pradakshin (circumvention) of Parvati and Shiva-his parents (here universe is symbolized as parents). Left with no choice Parvati gave the fruit to Lord Ganesh.

Meanwhile, Little Muruga returned after having a tedious journey. He felt cheated on what happened. In protest, he left Mount Kailash (the abode of Lord Shiva) and took abode at Palani.

The idol of the Muruga is made of Navapashana- a special mix of nine minerals; it is believed to have medicinal properties. A Sidha yogi named Bhoga Sidhar made this idol; he has a shrine inside the temple.

The present temple dates back to seventh century AD. It is the Cheraman Perumal of Kerala who re-built the ancient temple from the ruins. The temple still has a large number of visitors from Kerala making this historical link alive.

Later, Pandyas and Nayakkars of Madurai Nayakkars (17nth Century AD) made necessary renovations and alterations.

Palani is 100 kilometers from Coimbatore- the nearest major city. It is 120 kilometers from Madurai- another major city.

Palani is the nearest rail head.

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