Subramanya at Pazhamudircholai

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Legend is related to the Tamil poet and scholar Avvayar. Although she was a scholar and a Muruga devotee, she was little arrogant on her scholarship. So Lord Muruga decided to test her.

One day, on being thirsty and tired, she took rest below a Theni (a tree having a dark, but juicy fruit). At that time, a boy (Lord Muruga in disguise) offered her fruits-but she must specify which one raw or roasted fruit that she wants. The poet took it lightly as a joke since a fruit cannot be roasted. So, as a fun, she asked for roasted fruit; the boy plucked some fruits and gave it to Avvayyar. She had to drop it since it is hot and roasted!

The scholar quickly realized who the boy is; she pleaded to condone her ignorance. Lord Muruga appeared to her; on request from her took abode at Pazhamudircholai.

Unlike other Padai shrines, this temple is small in size. It is on a hill top amidst thick forest and lush greenery. One can walk or take a vehicle to reach the spot.

At the foot of the hill there is Azhagar koil, one of the 108 Divyadesam Shrines of Lord Vishnu.

The temple is about 20 kilometers from Madurai.

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