Swaminathan at Swamimalai

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There is an interesting legend on this temple. One day Lord Brhama came to Kailash to meet Lord Shiva.

Little Muruga, out of curiosity, decided to test the knowledge of Lord Brahma. He asked him to explain the meaning of ‘OM’- the pranav mantra.

Lord Brahma stumbled. As a punishment Muruga imprisoned Lord Brahma. When Brhama got arrested, day to day function of the world came to a standstill.

The devas approached Lord Shiva for help. When Lord Shiva asked Muruga to release Lord Brahma, Muruga asked Lord Shiva to explain the meaning of Pranav mantra so that he can release Lord Brahma. Even Lord Siva could not do that.

So, little Muruga put a condition for the release of Lord Brahma; Lord Shiva had to become his disciple and learn the meaning of the Pranav mantra from him.

Left with no choice Lord Shiva agreed; Brahma was released.

Thus, Lord Muruga is worshiped in this temple as a teacher or Guru to the universe.

The temple is very close to Kumbakonam town. Many buses are there to the temple from Kumbakonam town.

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