Subramanya at Thiruthani

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The legend is that after killing the demon Tarkasura Lord Muruga came here to meditate. So, worshipping the Lord here is believed to give mental piece to a person.

Arjun of Mahabharath and the Lord Sriram, on his return from Lanka, are said to have come here to get relief from the mental stress by praying to the Lord here. Sri Muthuswami Dikshithar, one of the trinity of the Carnatic music, was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga here.

It is believed, Muruga appeared before Sri. Dikshitahr in the form of an old man; gave him prasada of the temple. After taking the prasada he became enlightened; started his journey to become the trinity of the Carnatic music. He wrote several kritis in praise of the Lord at Thiruthani.

The temple is on a hilltop. There is a motor able road up to the temple.

Chennai- the state capital and the nearest major city is 50 kilometers from Thiruthani.

Arrakkonam town is also nearby (about 17 kilometers).

Thiruthani is the rail-head. It is on the Chennai-Tirupati route. There are many trains from both Aarakkonam and Chennai to Thiruthani.


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