Subramanya at Tirupparankunram

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The legend tells us that after killing the demon Tarakasura at Tiruchendur Lord Muruga came here to take a rest.

His marriage with Devasena (daughter of Indra) took place here.

One striking feature of this temple is its architecture. It is carved out of a big rock. It is many layered with rich sculpture and painting works. The present structure had undergone many changes during the Thirumalai Nayakkars period.

The shrine of Lord Shiva, known as Paramagirinathar, of this temple is considered as one of the Tevarapadal Petra Sthalam in Tamil Saivaite tradition praised in the hymns of Nayanars.

The temple has an important Lord Vishnu shrine too. It is considered as one of the 108 Divyadesam shrine of Lord Vishnu (a rare occurrence)

During the wedding festival of Goddess Meenakshi of Meenakshi temple at Madurai, the idol of Lord Vishnu, together with idol of Muruga of this temple is taken in a grand procession to Meenakshi temple at Madurai.

The Hindu temple is 17 kilometers from Madurai.

Plenty of buses are there from Madurai to Tirupparankunram.

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