Navabrahma (Lord Shiva) Temple, Palampet

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This is a cluster of nine separate temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, within a single complex.

Among the nine, Bala Brahma is the famous one. Worship is still going on here and the Shiva Ratri is celebrated with much rigor at this temple. This temple dates back to 702 century AD.

The Swarga Brahma temple is the next noteworthy temple in this complex. This temple is little older to the Bala Brahma temple and bigger too. The richly sculptured temple is said to be a specimen for the Badami Chalukya Hindu Temple architecture.

Remaining seven Brahma temples are Padma Brahma, Garuda Brahma, Arka Brahma, Kumara Brahma, Vira Brahma, Vishva Brahma and Taraka Brahma temples. Most of these temples are in ruin now. Kanchi Kamakshi temple in the temple complex is also noteworthy.

The temple is on the banks of River Tungabhadra, near the confluence of Tungabhadra with river Krishna.

Palampet is about 35 kilometers from Warangal.

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