Osian Temples, Jodhpur

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This is a cluster of about 18 magnificient Hindu and Jain temples.

The temples date back between 8-11 centuries AD. They are believed to be built, in different stages, by the Marwar rulers Gurjara Pratihara kingdom.

At that time Ossian was an important trading and cultural centre. Originally, the complex said to contain about 100 temples which was now reduced to less than 20. Of them , four temples still stand out the grandeur of its ester years to us.

1.A Jain temple dedicated to Lord Mahavir. This temple is an important pilgrimage centre for the Jain community.

2.A Hindu temple dedicated Devi Sachi- wife of God Indra. A temple for Devi Sachi itself is a pecularity,not seen every where else in India. The temple is also known as Sachiya Mata temple.

3.A Hindu temple dedicated to God Surya. Many suggest that this temple is a replica of the Sun temple at Ranakpur.

4.Four Harihara temples, dedicated to Lord SHiva and Lord Vishnu in their joint form. This depiction is a rare thing by itself. This author is unaware of any other place where Harihara form is worshipped in a temple!

Besides, there is Pipala devi temple and Lord Shiva temple too.

Common feature of all these temples are its breath taking architecture. Lavishly sculptured roofs, pillars and beams are the hall mark of them. Splendid Sabha Mandaps and corridors, with eye-catching pillars, are another attraction.

Ossian, now a village town, on the out skirts of the famous Thar desert, is about 65 kilometers from Jodhpur.

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