Panchabootha Temples- Introduction

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According to the Hindu mythology, every living being is created with five elements; together known as Panchabhoothas or five elements.

Though every being has Panchabhootha in him, the measure of it may vary from person to person and from creature to creature. This variation makes each living thing unique; unlike others in appearance, character, intelligence etc…

Hindu mythology gives much importance to the concept of Panchabhootha. No wonder, there is five ancient temples in South India dedicated to Lord Shiva, where he is worshiped as representative of each of these elements.

Except Kalahasti temple which is in Andhra Pradesh, all other temples are in Tamil Nadu.

These temples are listed below:
1. Ekambarnath Temple, Kanchipuram (Earth)
2. Sri Kalahasti Temple, Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh (Vayu-Air)
3. Arunachaleswar Temple, Tiruvannamalai (Agni-Fire)
4. Jambukeswara(TiruvanaiKavu) Temple, Tiruchirapalli (Water)
5. Chidambaram Temple, Chidambaram (Ether-Space)


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Ekambarnath (Lord Shiva) Temple, Kanchipuram