PanchaRama Temples of Andhra Pradesh- Introduction

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This is an age-old temple circuit spread across the three districts (West Godavari, East Godavari and Guntur) of Andhra Pradesh.

The story of the demon Tarakasur is the common thread connecting these temples.

Tarakasur got few boons from Lord Brahma which ensured among other things that he will be killed only by a son of Lord Shiva, who is only seven days old. He also had a Shiva Linga from Lord Shiva. As long as he carries this Shiva Linga with his body, no one can cause any harm to him. So he kept it inside his throat.

The demon, powered with these unique boons, terrorized the entire universe. Thus, on prayers from Devas, Lord Subramanya took birth as Shiva’s son. In the battle that followed, Subramanya broke Tarakasura’s body in to pieces many times. But each time it got united. At this time, Lord Vishnu advised Subramanya to crack the Lingam on demon’s throat first; then put the pieces in different places on earth to prevent it from rejoining.

Lord Subramanya did the same. Cracked the Shivalinga on the demon’s neck. The five places on which these pieces fell on earth came to be known as “Pancharama” were worshipping Lord Shiva became popular.

The five temples are fairly large ones, built in Chalukya style of architecture. Each of them were consecrated by different persons like Lord Sriram, Lord Soma(the Moon)and Lord Subramanya .

Except Amararamam, all other temples are on the banks of Godavari river. Amararamam is on the Krishna River.

It is considered holy to take darshan of Pancharama temples in single day during the month of Karthika (November-December)


List of Pancharama Temples

1.Amararamam at Amaravati

2.Somaramam at Bhimavaram

3.Ksheeraramam at Palakollu

4.Draksharamam atDraksharam

5.Kumararamam at Samalkot


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