Pandava Temples of Kerala- Introduction

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Pandava temples are five temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu around Chengannur area of Kerala.

Legend is that Pandavas started a Thirth Yatra after the Mahabharath war.

They reached Kerala and consecrated five temples of Lord Vishnu to alleviate the sin of killing their kith and kins during the Mahabharath war.

All these temples are also 108 Divyadesam Shrines of Lord Vishnu, which takes the antiquity of them to 8-9 centuries AD. Divyadesam shrines are temples of Lord Vishnu praised by Alwar saints of Tamilnadu who propagated Vaishnavism all around South India. Please click here for more on Divyadesam Shrines.

All the five temples are also classic examples of Kerala temple architecture too.

The five temples are clustered around Chengannur town, near Kottayam in Kerala.

The farthest is Thrikodithanam temple which is about 17 kilometers from Chengannur. Nearest is Thrichittat- only two kilometers and within the city limit.


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