Parimala Ranganatha (Lord Vishnu) Temple, Mayiladuthurai

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A Divya desam temple of Lord Vishnu. This is also one of the five Pancha Ranga Kshetras of Lord Vishnu. (Other four are Sriranganatha at Sri Rangapattina, near Mysore, Sri Ranganatha at Sri Rangam near Tiruchirapalli, Sarangapani temple at Kumbakonam and Sri Appakkudathan temple at Tiruchirapalli).

The 12 feet long idol of Lord Vishnu, made of green stone, is in reclining pose – facing east.

Legend is that, when the demons Madhu and kaitabha stole the Vedas, Lord Vishnu recovered it by taking Matsyavatar. After that, he provided parimala or fragrance to Vedas to cover the bad odor of his Matsya form. Hence the name Parimala Ranganatha.

As per another legend, Lord Chandra (Moon) cured his disease (as he was reducing in size each day) after praying to this God.

The native name of this place is Indhaloor (Indu means moon, hence the name Indhaloor which means ‘’Moons place’’ or Village).

Mayiladuthurai is about 280 kilometers from Chennai – the capital of the State.

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