Parthasarathy Temple, Aranmula

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Most famous among the Pandava temples; considered as one of the four important Sri Krishna temples of Kerala (other three being Guruvayur, Ambalapuzha and Trichambaram)

Arjuna- the third of the Pandava brothers, consecrated the idol at Aranmula temple.

Legend is, after the Mahabharath war, Arjuna felt guilty of killing Karna- his brother and that too when Karna was unarmed. He sought the blessing of Lord krishna to alleviate that sin. Lord Krishna appeared to Arjuna as Parthasarthy ( Parthasarathy means chariotor of Partha- that is Arjun)

The majestic temple is a good specimen to the Kerala temple architecture.

It is also linked to Kerala culture in many ways. Onam celebrations are grandly held at this temple. During this time,a boat race called Uthrattathi Vallom Kali (vallom kali means boat race in local language) is held annually. The boat race is considered as an offering to the Parthasarathy.

Aranmula Kannadi- the famous metal mirror, is another contribution of this temple to Kerala culture. This mirror is made out of a special mixture of various metals. It is known for its aesthetics and also durability.

Temple is on the banks of river Pamba.

Aranmula is about 14 kilometers from Chengannur.

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