Renuka Devi Temple, Nahan

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The temple is dedicated to Renuka devi- mother of Lord Parasuram.

Legend is, when a mighty King called Sahsrarjun tried to kidnap Devi Renuka, she jumped into the near by lake and hid herself there.

So, the lake is considered as an embodiment of Devi Renuka. The temple is by the side of this lake. A temple to Lord Parasuram is also nearby.

Another legend tells us, Lord parasuram beheaded Devi Renuka (his mother) on the order of his father Jamadagni.

This lake is the largest in Himachal Pradesh, which ads to the serenity and divinity to the famous temple.

As part of the temple festival, a famous fair called renuka fair is held every year in the month of November on the banks of this temple. the fair is a major event in the region and attract many people.

Temple is about 95 kilometers from Chandigarh, which is also the nearest airport. Nahan- nearest major town is 35 kilometers away.

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